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Our traditional lifts are equipped with the latest technology and components.

You can choose from a full range of both standard and customized solutions, optimum flexibility and a multitude of finishes.

Our hydraulic elevators are implemented with the utmost care to your specifications and come with a large range of solutions for both personal and goods lifts used in various buildings ranging from residential buildings, apartments and condominiums, to commercial and office buildings, hotels , shopping centers, stores, hospitals etc.


  • ideal in case of a machine room available and or the travel of the lift is limited to the building height
  • direct or indirect acting, depending on the car travel, load capacity and car speed
  • microprocessor control panel with fine C-LRV speed or indirectly with 1 or 2 speed
  • wheelchair accessible from certain dimensions

Our Home lift is a hydraulic lifting platform that optimizes the accessibility in new or renovated buildings, It improves the quality and safety of everyday life for thousands of people.

The installation requires no major structural changes in the building, the lift pit and headroom at the highest level have been simplified, maximum safety is guaranteed.
Its elegant design is integrated in a harmonious way in your home, there is a wide range of colors and supplies.

Each Home lift is unique, tailored according to the available space and its implementation, the lifting platform is integrated in a harmonious way with its surroundings, the lift comes with push buttons in Braille and a handrail as standard.

It is easy to install and is very profitable because of the low purchase and maintenance costs, it is stylish and meets all your expectations, both on the extensive standard equipment, the variety of colors, accessories and combinations.

This energy efficient (Green = power-economic-ecological) lift is certainly the solution of the future, replacing more and more the traditional hydraulic lift.

Through a combination of sophisticated engineering, modern components and a standardized mounting we are able to offer a very affordable solution that over the lifespan of the lift falls largely lower than that of a conventional hydraulic lift.

A large range of solutions for both personal and goods lifts, suitable for installation in both residential and commercial buildings, offices, hotels, shopping centers, stores, hospitals etc.



  • electric synchronous motor gearless drive with a closed-loop variable frequency control
  • designed specifically for lifts with large loads to be installed in high buildings
  • simple, reliable, robust and compact design ensuring a standardized and flexible installation
  • little shaft space required and low maintenance cost
  • space-saving technical provisions with maximum cabin width and a minimum head height
  • ensuring greater efficiency of the usable space
  • polyurethane coated drive cables provide smooth, quiet shock-free rides
  • minimal wear, special cables and sheave provide a significantly longer lifespan
  • concentration of the forces on the pit floor reduce the structural costs
  • comfortable ride with outstanding stopping accuracy
  • since there is no engine needed building costs will be reduced
  • highly efficient operation with lower power consumption and minimal losses
  • environmentally friendly by using closed lubrication-free bearings and suspension technology
  • superior quality, reduced noise and very low power consumption
  • battery emergency evacuation facility for rapid and safe release of trapped passengers
  • microprocessor control panel with VVVF control and fine car speed control
  • Flexible dimensions and design, width and depth to suit any size, also for existing buildings.
  • Wide range of car models, possibility of different cabin entrances.
  • Installation in shafts that may be of different materials like concrete, steel or a combination of both.
  • One or more sides may perform as a panoramic wall, which allows an unlimited number of options for lifts.
  • Custom cabin and doors, door systems and various finishes, stainless steel or powder coated RAL color.
  • High quality materials, wide range of finishes.
  • Reliable performance control, variable speed precision stop, so highly comfortable ride.
  • Wheelchair accessible from certain dimensions.
  • All lift components are manufactured by renowned European manufacturers
Various safety and emergency equipment CE marked according to the European Lifts Directive in force, according to EN 81-70 standard, the standard for the accessibility of lifts, including the disabled. Implementation possible in accordance with EN 81-72, the standard for fire brigade lifts.
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